Training Programs for Industry Professionals


Consulting ServiceS

Strategic Planning and Optimization of Daily Retail & Trim Operations

After a thorough assessment of your needs, our team’s combined experience allows us to create and optimize standard operating procedures for your business. We improve the overall organizational structure, define job roles and responsibilities and thereby help to streamline workflow.

We also offer buildout of in-house educational programs coupled with community outreach and engagement strategy to increase your brand presence in competitive markets.

In addition to organizing and empowering personnel, we also specialize in compliance and inventory operations helping you to understand METRC and create smarter systems for your business.


Increasing Brand Presence through Strategic Relationships

We help your brand gain a wider audience. With our large network of journalists, event planners, influencers, podcast hosts and photographers we can help to connect you with the people who can provide a platform for you to share your brand’s mission.

We help you identify leaders in your community to partner with for mutually beneficial collaborative, business relationships.


Increasing Revenue & Successful Financial Accountability

We help you develop a unique strategy & give you the language to better manage vendor relationships so that you can increase sales in a highly competitive market.

The cannabis industry is primarily a cash business and that can make for messy finances. With a long history of experience in cash handling and banking, our team helps you manage finances for accurate business analytics and tax reporting.


Customer Engagement & Retention

The cannabis market is incredibly competitive. As the industry grows, the price of products drop. Therefore, it is imperative that your business not only retain loyal customers, but also be proactive in attracting new prospects.

We believe that the best way to engage customers is to take care of your employees. Therefore, we offer management training and sales workshops that employ the art of consultative selling that incorporates high level customer service ethos coupled with extensive product knowledge. We also offer buildout of educational blog, newsletter, & social media content, as well as community outreach programs.

Assistance in Awarding Licensure

From business plans to location surveys to build out of compliant processes, our team of application specialists have successfully guided clients to licensure in some of the most challenging regulated markets.